Flashback Aug 11, 2018 (released on Jan, 2 2020)

Headed Back on the Road Again 2018

Summer is the best time to spend in Chicago: Festivals, Beach Volleyball, family, friends and food. Being back afforded us the chance to check on the house and get warranty work done on the trailer. Thankfully, the girls were able to participate in Choir and Irish Dance when we returned. It gave them a little sense of balance.

Birthday Celebration
Celebrated some birthdays back in Chicago.

Pig Roast at Block Party
Pig Roast at Block Party


On July 30th my family started on the road…without me. I had requested to go 100% remote but hadn’t received approval. We have a family reunion in Monterey, CA. It is 2100 miles from Chicago and we can only drive 300 miles in a day. The drop dead date for leaving was July 30. So off they went.

We were able to make the last choir performance of the year.
The kids have sung in a choir for the past couple of years. They were able to make the last choir trip of the year.


Focusing on what is important

I miss them incredibly and to make matters a little more disappointing I was refused the request for 100% remote. Thankfully, I still have the opportunity to be partially remote and I will be mobile for the next four months. (A good reminder to appreciate what you have and to not get hung up too much on your expectations.)

New Family
We spent some time with the newest member of our family. He is a little cutie.


I am flying to Nevada to meet up with my family excited for the adventures to follow. I missed their stop in Salt Lake City but Lake Tahoe will be another beautifully scenic place to start this next journey. After the reunion we will head north, ultimately, reaching the last state in our four corners of the US.
I’m filled with anxiety. Wondering, again, if the full time RV life is something I can handle. I wonder about finances (gas, campground fees, etc…). I worry about connectivity which is essential for me to be able to work remotely. I worry about the unknown.

But there is so much excitement with it. What will we see next? Who will we meet and what experiences will enrich our lives? I’m even excited about the difficulties, interested in what my reaction will be to them and how will we grow from them.

I feel that the RV life fills me with possibilities. There is always something to look forward to. I look forward to the time I spend with my family…every bit of it, because that time is limited so I better make the most of it.