I grew up in a very traditional, immigrant family with the American Dream of college, family, house. You raise your kids to follow the same model and have those same goals. So when my husband said that we should homeschool the kids I was like, “What?!” Little did I know that this was the beginning of many challenges to what I thought was the road to a successful life.

As a kid we went on many camping trips. My dad liked to drive and go on road trips and my mom always made things so comfy and enjoyable; many great family memories. Once we had kids I knew that those types of experiences were something I wanted to pass down to them. Hearing that, my husband pounced, “We should live in an RV and travel the country.” Me, “What?!”

It’s funny. I have been going through life thinking there is only one way to live. Technology in our generation challenges us to think differently and that is what I am learning through this journey to Travel America.

It’s been two months since we left on our first RV voyage with Miles, our new home, and Bo, our trusty Ford Expedition. We have been to Niagara, the Adirondacks, Acadia National Park and much more (as you will see in future posts). It has been filled with new experiences and much joy. We have learned a lot about our country and ourselves but I also know that there is much more to learn.