Travel Trailer (TT) living is new to us so there is a bit of a learning curve: Is that sound normal? Is the air conditioner working right? Did you spill water in the kitchen? Who spilled water by the sink? Why is there water under the sink?! UHGH!! As handy as my husband is, this was beyond his expertise. So, what next? The RV isn’t even a year old. It’s warrantied but we are nowhere near the dealership.

That extra insurance I thought might have been a silly purchase when we bought Miles might not be a bad idea. How does this CoachNet thing work? Better just give them a call. One short conversation and we were given options on where in the area we could take Miles to be fixed. We called the closest one, Sherwood Auto & Camper Sales, and Tony was kind enough to take us in the first thing in the morning on the day we had planned on leaving. The only issue, what if the fix takes days.

I am a worrier. I worry about everything. Worrying is self-induced. It is hyper-focusing on an outcome that may not even happen. When you are living in an RV you sometimes don’t even know where you will be in two days. You need to be flexible and address what you can actually impact. If there is a problem, work out a viable solution but don’t get caught up in the, “What if.” I’ve always been aware of this but now I have to live it. Traveling by road with all the problems that can arise (flat tires, low bridges, crazy drivers, weather), towing a 34 ft travel trailer. Not to mention the practical aspects of campground fees and the ever elusive campground WiFi. I could drive myself insane with worry. But, if I succumbed to the worry, we would be headed back to Chicago. (Mind you, this is still a work in progress for me.)

Getting our Apex leak fixed
Getting a leak fix.


Thankfully, Tony was adept and efficient. We, maybe, spent an hour there and then were off to Lake Erie and, then, Niagara Falls.