Before we left DC, we started talking about where we wanted to make our next stop.  I mentioned Charolette, NC.  Gigi wanted to stop in Greenville, NC.  Well, a friend following our adventure on Facebook saw that I was going to be close and sent me a message about meeting up.  It sounded like a good idea.  I had not seen him since high school, so I took him up on the offer and met him in Virginia Beach.

I had not been watching the news all that close the past week, so I missed two things.  Charolette, NC was having riots so we missed that by heading to Virginia Beach.  But Virginia Beach had been having rain for the past week and some of it was flooded.

The drive into Virginia Beach was the worst of the trip.  Most of the trip it rained, heavy storm rained.  Stretches of highway were under construction and road conditions were not good, but we made it.  And somehow with a little luck, or a nod from Poseidon, the one day we went to the beach it stopped raining and the sun came out.


Stopped at a local breakfast spot before a great day at the beach.


We needed to find a place for Gigi to work so we strolled along.


After finding a place for Gigi to work, I met my friend and we talked while the girls took on the ocean.

Because of the storms, the past few days, the ocean waves were very high.




A great day playing in the waves.



We stopped and thanked him for a great day at the ocean. The waves were great and I even got a little too much sun.


This was an unexpected stop and a great one.  We only had the day and then we moved on but we really enjoyed the area.  It was so rich with history and sites we will have to go back for an extended time.  The Jamestown colony landed just up the beach from this site.  And we were near a military base so planes were flying over us constantly, it felt like an airshow but I was told it was training runs.  Most of the businesses were not open as it was off season, so we didn’t get the full experience.  But we liked having it to ourselves.

On we went to Greensboro, NC. This was a very short stop for sleep and we continued on to Columbus, GA where the girls had their favorite stop.