Maine was not on the list of places we were going to when we started planning our first RV trip. Then during September a couple of hurricanes spun up in the Atlantic and hit both Texas and Florida. So my wife said let’s go north. I had never been and it sounded good to me. Great things are said about Acadia National and we where going to find out why.

Turns out it was a perfect time of year to be in Maine and Acadia National Park. We had almost 14 days of sun and 60 degree weather. We hiked almost every other day and hiked less than 25% of the possible trails. It was generally quiet because it was off season. It was easy to get on and off Desert Island because there was so much less traffic than during the busy season.

Because it was so late in the season, many of the campgrounds were closing for the season. Maine closes and many people head south for the winter. Ok not really but it felt that way. Many restaurants, hotels, lobster shacks, and campground close. Thankfully we found one campground, The Narrows Too, just outside Acadia. It was a great campground and part of our Thousand Trails membership so we stayed for the last two weeks of their season.

Our site at the Narrows Too
Our site at the Narrows Too


Our View Narrows Too
Our View at the Narrows Too, it never got old.


View at Narrows Too
View at Narrows Too


Sunset Narrows Too

View out the window of Miles our Travel Trailer


So not including Acadia we had many adventures in the area, there really is a lot to do.  One of the closest things to us happened to be this lobster shack.  These lobster pounds are everywhere but most of them were closed for the season. Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound was less than a mile from the Narrows Too and on the way to Acadia.  Unfortunately the price of lobster jumped up just before we got out there.  It was around $6 a pound just a couple of weeks before, we paid $12 per lbs so we didn’t eat as much lobster as we wanted.

The was one of the last lobster pounds open for the season. I did have a goal to try and eat at least one meal a day of lobster. I fell well short of this goal.


After ordering your lobster they would come out here and cook them in these large pots.


Mmm, lobster. the kids had no interest but Gigi and I did.


Lobster Bisque
This lobster bisque is basically butter and lobster pieces. It was wonderful!


Aurora had started an art class before we left on our trip. The landscape provided a perfect opportunity to go out and do some sketching.

Aurora Sketching
Aurora took some time to practice her sketching skills.


Aurora Sketch of our View
Aurora Sketch of our View at the Narrows Too


This was our second month in the RV which we called Miles. We were more comfortable preparing food and decided to have a pizza night.  This was always a good night in the house.  Each of us makes a small personal sized pizza with whatever toppings we wanted.  So we stopped at the store and picked up an array of toppings and had pizza night.

Pizza Night

Pizza Night
Pizza Night


When we travel we love finding towns with an identity. Filled with locally owned business. These towns tend to be beautiful, full of pride and well kept.  Ellsworth Maine is one of these towns.  We took a Saturday morning and wandered over to Ellsworth Maine not knowing what to expect, just wanted some coffee.  We ending up spending much of our day exploring this very fun town. While exploring we saw a sign about some pottery and glass blowing demonstration at the art center so we headed over.  We spent about an hour talking to the people making glass pumpkins and the kids got to try a pottery wheel.



Aurora pottery
Aurora tries her hand at pottery.


Meeting a baby alpaca.
Meeting a baby alpaca.


Glass Blowing demonstration
They were making pumpkins for Halloween.


So Maine was pretty awesome. Over the two weeks we spent in the Acadia area we saw and experienced so many things. As I started to think about how I was going to write about it I didn’t know how to put the post together, 12 hikes, great restaurants, great campground, just so much to write about.  I decided to start with this general post covering a couple of our events and then talk about some of the hikes.  We will see how it goes.