My husband heard about the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum and longed to see it so we headed to Ohio. It was our longest drive so far. He and the kids were able to enjoy the museum but I had more practical matters to attend to…I had to work.

Prior to heading out we had heard Verizon had the best network throughout the country. We were ATT customers for the last 20 years but if we were really going to make this work long term I needed to be absolutely sure I would be able to connect. Hello, Verizon Unlimited Plan.

Now, unlimited is a stretch. They allow 15 GB at LTE speeds on the SmartHub but then reduce the speed to 600 kbs once you exceed that. Doh! That better be enough to work because half a month in we hit the threshold and our first stop did not have WiFi. As a matter of fact, WiFi is not a given at most of the RV resorts we’ve stayed.

Work seemed to go smoothly but to stream or not to stream…That is the question.  

Two months in we decided that we need to stop worrying about whether or not we go past the 15 GB before the end of the cycle. We need to use the plan as we originally intended. Have the kids stream and we should watch episode upon episode of Star Trek: TNG (which is why we haven’t started the new editions of the blog). Verdict is still out on whether or not the switch was worth it. I am leaning towards, yes, because I have not had major issues making calls, not like when we traveled with ATT. However, we have more remote places to go and I will still need to work. ☹. The debate lives on…