South Haven, MI Jellystone and an RV Tour!! or not...

Garrett Tershel

South Haven, MI Jellystone and an RV Tour!! or not...

September 1st 2015

So with our oldest child spending time in CA with her Lola (grandma) we set off for a little camping fun. We were going to head to the Milwaukee Jellystone but the website looked like it was going to nickel and dime you for every bit of fun. So we drove around the lake from Chicago and headed to South Haven, MI. I, being on the ball, saw that many RV manufactures are located just slightly out of the way in Indiana. I wanted a tour.

I contact KZ Manufacturing the makers of Venture RV. I wanted to look at the Sporttrek ST320VIK and get a tour of the factory. It was about an hour our of our way, ok it was almost 2 hours out of our way but I wanted to go. Tours are at 2pm. What I forgot was the time change. A little before we drove through South Bend, IN we lost an hour and lost our tour and the 2hrs it took to get there. But they were nice enough to give me a brochure that I had already downloaded from the internet. Alas, it was not meant to be.

But we were able to get to Jellystone before sundown and get a hayride with BoBo, so all wasn't lost. My first impression was good and stayed good through our stay. We were off season and things were quiet. This is a new campground to the Jellystone family as of 2013. Many new trees have been planted and the building are in fantastic condition. Air-conditioned bathrooms, tankless water heaters, energy efficient light, the facilities look brand new. The water quality was good and drinkable and the pool was treated with salt instead of chlorine. We enjoyed tiedyeing a t-shirt, geo-caching hidden treasure, lots of time in the pool, making trail mix and pictures with Yogi Bear. My wife and I both had some time to work. Internet was good, but a little inconsistent and will hang up periodically but in general, good. The AT&T service was ok. It said I only had one bar but I was able to connect and make clear calls. There was plenty of electrical outlets available to charge various electronics. Most buildings were air conditioned so we could escape the heat and humidity if we wanted.

Crafting with YogiCrafting with Yogi

IMG_9614Tie Dyeing shirts.(we still have it many years later)

It's not much but it's home.It's not much but it's home.

Sand Playground.


We toured Holland, Saugatuck, and South Haven. Enjoyable. South Haven has every shopping opportunity from Walmart or Meijers to small shops along the water or in town. We enjoyed touring local breweries and kicked ourselves for not leaving enough time to pick local fruit.

Touring the harbor.Touring the harbor.

Met a new friend.New Friend

A beautiful moon.A beautiful moon.


Overall, we would return in a heartbeat, hopefully next time in an RV. We loved the location and the people we met. The price was fantastic for all the amenities. Very clean.