Rv First Thanksgiving

Garrett Tershel

Rv First Thanksgiving

It was always one of the first things the kids asked when we started traveling, "Where are we going to spend Thanksgiving?" The holidays are always busy for us. We have family on both sides that want to see the kids and the kids want to see them.  We are lucky to have so many people to see but it, of course, causes some stress. Not this year.

We decided we were going to be around the Historic Triangle and it sounded like a good place to spend Thanksgiving.  We researched the area for dinner options and found a lot of very expensive dinners $100+ per person at Colonial Williamsburg. We found a cheaper option at Jamestowne Living Museum but it didn't interest us. So what were we going to do?

While wandering around Colonial Williamsburg we saw some flyers for an organ recital at Burton Parish. We have gained a tremendous appreciation for organ and choir music due to our daughters' enrollment in the Queen of Angels Choir and their instructor Kent Jager.  For many years we have listened to Kent play the organ at church and afterwards he usually plays another piece from Bach or another composer. It is a unique joy. We have now been to many catholic parishes along the east coast and have not seen or heard anything like it.

So we decided to cook some food at home and head over to the concert.

Burton Parish Burton Parish

Organ Recital Program Organ Recital Program

Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving Dinner

So the pumpkin pie was Nina's first attempt at making a pie.  It was a very edible attempt and an altogether enjoyable dinner. The recital was fantastic. We had never heard a harpsichord before and she had mentioned that half of it was being fixed so she could only use half of it, which was still very enjoyable to listen to. The organ which is going to be replaced was from the 18th century it had 105 Ranks and 5600 pipes, which is very large. A very thankful Thanksgiving.

This is one of the pieces from the performance, I wish I would have recorded one of the harpsichord pieces but I didn't. The video quality isn't good but the piece is great. Enjoy.