Antelope Canyon


Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon

Family Playful Light Playful Light

A little history

Antelope Canyon has an amazing history. It has been shaped for thousands of years and is continually being shaped today. Many feet underground you can see where the wind and water have slowly carved the twists and curves into the smooth sandstone walls. On tribal land, the canyon was historically used by the Native Americans. During its history it was used as a hiding place when the U.S. Government was moving the Native Americans out of the area. Today Antelope Canyon is used for tourism and is one of the most photographed canyons is the United States.

The Climb Down The Climb Down

Reaching For The Sky Trying to climb out

Photographing The Canoyn Photographing The Canoyn

Mountains Or Waves Mountains Or Waves?

Why Antelope Canyon

My family decided to go because we had never seen anything like it before now.  It was very different from any of the mountain, caves, or other canyons we had visited. Currently camping in Sedona we took the three hour drive to Page, AZ where the canyon is located.

Shadow Sky Shadow Sky

Sandstone Waves Sandstone Waves

Sandstone Groves Sandstone Groves

Rock Shapes Rock Shapes

Experiencing Antelope Canyon

We headed down, in the morning, to the tour. I was slightly excited and didn't know what to expect when we descended into the canyon. Our guide warned us about floods and told us about people that had died in the canyon when it flooded, but there was no chance of rain. Walking through the canyon was an astonishing experience. I felt the coarse sandstone and saw small caverns and chips in the rock. The variety of colors were dazzling to look at. Our guide expertly revealed formations that looked like many things such as a lion, mountain, or Native American Chief. In conclusion, Antelope Canyon is a gorgeous awe-inspiring place that has taken many generations to form and has an amazing history.

Pointing Things Out Pointing Things Out

Once in a while the canyon opened into a large space. Once in a while the canyon opened into a large space.

The light and shadows played with your eyes The light and shadows played with your eyes

Twists And Turns Twists And Turns

Dark and light Dark and light

Climbing The Ladder Climbing The Ladder out of the canyon

Climbing out of the Antelope Canyon Climbing out of the Antelope Canyon