A Wonderful Night on a Rope Course


A Wonderful Night on a Rope Course

Rope Course

On our travels toward Orlando, Florida, after tailgating at Aurburn University, we bolted down to the Gulf of Mexico, Destin, Florida. While there we stopped at Sandestin Beach Resort. They had lots to do and I went on my first rope course. It was scary but when I overcame my fears it felt like I was flying. The hardest challenge was the two crossed ropes because I would almost fall in the middle and the end.

Cross Rope Challenge Cross Rope Challenge

Zig Zag Bar Zig Zag Bar

Climbing Stairs on the rope course Climbing Stairs


The scariest challange was ringing the bell. It was three stories up and hanging off the side of the course. After climbing two staircases and carefully scampering across the cross rope I shuffled over to the bell, grabbed the cord and rang the bell. I was very proud; the sun setting in the background, bell ringing in the air, I felt very happy I completed the course.

Ring Bell Sunset Bell ringing in the air and a beautiful pink sunset in the background.

Holding on for dear life. Holding on for dear life.



After mom rang the bell, we climb down, then I ice skated with my sister. I was a bit wobbley on skates but I caught the hang of it soon enough. The skating rink was quite crowded and chaotic but still fun.

All in all I had a wonderful night, I’m glad I faced my fears and had fun.

Skating in Florida Skating in Florida