A Cadillac Mountain Sunset

Garrett Tershel

A Cadillac Mountain Sunset

Cadillac Mountain, Maine, depending on the time of year, is the first place the sunlight touches the United States.  So one of the big things to do is to get up at 4am and dive up the mountain and see the sunrise.  We are not early risers. Chances are at 4am we have only been asleep, my wife and I, for a couple of hours. Having been binging some show on Netflix, writing blog post or reading.  Getting up to see a sunrise is not us.  Now on the other hand, I keep track of the time the sun is going to set.

I had figured that because it was the east coast it might not we worth watching a sunset but it was recommend.  When we drove up to the top of Cadillac we found we would not be alone. Many people had made the trek.  It was actually quite funny, about 10 of us had brought a tripod, and we all laughed in spite of ourselves, as if some meet up had been scheduled.

Late September when the sun starts to go down it gets cold quick.  Cadillac Mountain at 1500ft. is one of the highest points on Dessert Island and it was quite windy that night.

Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain Mom wrapped everyone up in a blanket.


Cadillac Mountain We were already cold and the sun had not even hit the horizon.


I have read that some of the best lighting for shooting movies is sunrise and sunset.  It might be true.  This next picture was one of the best pictures I took that reflected the pure beauty of the colors we saw all day when hiking and driving Acadia.  As I have stated before, the variety of trees and landscape in the area provide some of the most incredible changing of the colors available in the United States.

Beautiful colors. Beautiful colors against a blue background.

In the last couple of months I have photographed a number of sunsets.  It is an artistic skill as much as it is a photographic skill. Having equipment that can catch the range of light and depth of colors is important. Having some clouds scattered across the sky may be one of the most beneficial elements of a sunset. Overall I was pretty happy with this effort. Although being there in person can never be replaced I present a sunset on Cadillac Mountain.

The next group of photos are in time sequential order.  I have intermixed some iPhone pictures with my Canon photos.  It is always fun to see the constant changing of light and color.  I also find that the "second sunset" after the sun goes below the horizon can be more wondrous than the actual sunset. Unfortunately it was too cold and we had well over an hour drive back to the campground in the dark and down the mountain, so we didn't stay much after the sun hit the horizon.

The afterglow is always the best part. The afterglow is always the best part.

Colors are always intense before it is gone

Cadillac Mountain Sunset

Cadillac Sunset

Cadillac Sunset

A second sunset on Cadillac Mountain This picture was taken on the way down the mountain and is the second sunset I had mentioned. The light and colors seem to be compacted after the sun sets and stretch well across the horizon. The result is a vibrant thin line just above the horizon.