“Where to next?” has become one of my favorite questions and it all started in Dayton, Ohio. We originally planned on heading to West Virginia and south from there. But, as you may recall, there was some crazy weather and a barrage of hurricanes were hitting the south and southeastern parts of the country. Maybe we should stay north for a bit. Well look at that! Thanks to GPS we discovered that Niagara wasn’t that far to get to. I hadn’t been there since I was one and Garrett had never been. Pack up the house. Let’s head to Niagara Falls!

Taking a ride on the Maid of the Mist
Taking a ride on the Maid of the Mist


Kids Looking At Falls

Niagara Falls


With WiFi a constant worry, we decided to limit our search of campgrounds in Niagara to one that had great WiFi and we found it in Daisy Barn Campground. Daisy Barn is right on Lake Ontario. It was clean, quiet, had plenty of space and did I say they had great WiFi? After some of the places we stayed, this place was a breath of fresh air so our 3 day stay turned into a week.

I loved Niagara County. There was a little town close by called Lewiston. Everyone there was so nice. Walking down the street people looked you in the eye and said hello. The town was charming, small, and had festivals almost every weekend (except the one we happened to be there, of course).

Kids At Fort Niagara
We stopped at Fort Niagara. This was used mostly during The War of 1812.

Firing of a cannon
The soldiers fired a cannon at the fort.


Niagara Falls is really awesome, of course. And I really enjoyed Fort Niagara and learning about the War of 1812. But sometimes it’s the little places that we find that make us enjoy a place even more. Niagara Power Vista was one of them. I wasn’t able to go (yes, work) but the kids came home so excited and full of stories about the place. All I know is they loved it and it was free! Nice job New York Power Authority.

It was a peaceful week at Daisy Barn, the girls loved playing at the park and picking apples from the solitary apple tree. Garrett and I loved the sunsets on Lake Ontario. It was late September and a chill was in the air. We had a wonderful time in an area we had no plans on seeing. We survived the 35 – 40 mph winds that shook our trailer and if I can handle that I can handle more of the unexpected. Right?

Picking Apples
The Daisy Barn had some apple trees, so the girls tried to pick some apples.


Standing At Dock


At Daisy Barn campground
At Daisy Barn campground, watching Lake Ontario and waiting for the sun to set.


Sky On Fire
The sunsets were incredible at Daisy Barn.