The Best Boat Ride


The Best Boat Ride

A Boat Ride on Lake Powell

My parents dragged me to a resort to buy tickets for a boat ride. After getting tickets and climbing down a long steep hill we shuffled onto the crowded boat. We found good seats at the front of the lower deck. We all received headsets that pointed out scenic sights on the boat tour. Then my sister and I surprisingly got complementary lemonade. They untied the boat and we were off.

Desert Shadow Boat The Desert Shadow

Lake Powell Marina Lake Powell Marina

Glen Canyon Dam Lake Powell Glen Canyon Dam from Lake Powell

Glen Canyon Dam From the Colorado River Glen Canyon Dam from the Colorado River

My Favorite Stop

The stop I was anticipating was Glen Canyon Dam. I was seeing it for the third time. I saw it from the Colorado River, the Glen Canyon National Park's Visitors Center, where we earned Jr. Ranger badges, and now Lake Powell. It was astonishing every time. I like the enormous columns and the outstanding design of the bridge. The relaxing blue water, the outspoken red rock, and the calming white dam compliment each other beautifully.

Glen Canyon Lake Powell Antelope Canyon from Lake Powell

Sisters On Lake Powell Sisters On Lake Powell

Glen Canyon Walls of Rocks Antelope Island's Walls of Rocks

Boat Trip Lake Powell Filmed Planet of the Apes from this area

Getting Back

After the boat tour through Antelope Canyon we got off the boat. The slow gradual climb up the steep hill was exhausting. But on the bright side we saw a jackrabbit and bought frozen lemonade. The boat ride down Lake Powell was my favorite boat ride so far.

Mother And Daughter Mother And Daughter

Long Climb Up Long Climb Up

Jack Rabbit Jack Rabbit