The year of 2019 was really fun because I spent time with all of my family and friends. This list is a few of my favorite things I did last year.

  • 10. Horseback Riding

    Aurora Horse Lesson Aurora Horse Lesson

    It was really fun to go horseback riding. There were so many kinds of horses, small ones, bumpy ones, tall ones, and lazy ones. I would go every Tuesday to Timmerman's Ranch, near my grandma’s. The first few lessons I learned how to mount a horse, ride without stirrups, stand and ride, and lope (gallop). Sometimes after the lesson, I brushed the horses or took of it’s shoes. In the last lesson I learned how to barrel race. I wasn’t racing against anyone or fast, but it was fun.

  • 9. A Chicago River Boat Ride

    Family boat trip down the Chicago River Family boat trip down the Chicago River

    Kayaking down the Chicago River, not that fun, but boating that’s fun. The day we boated down the Chicago River was fun and relaxing. There was orange juice and tuna sandwiches, it was really nice.

  • 8. Bell Rock | Sedona, Arizona

    Top of Bell Rock Top of Bell Rock

    The picture above was taken at the very top point of the rock! The picture above was taken at the very point of the rock!

    When we went to Arizona. There was this one hike I loved, Bell Rock. We climbed and scrambled up to the top, a butte. When we finished the hike, we went for ice cream at Rocky Road Ice Cream.

  • 7. Hamilton

    Hamilton Play Hamilton!!!

    For a Christmas present I went to Hamilton. It was fun but a bit long. At intermission we got some drinks and snacks.

  • 6. Having Fun with my Cousins

    When we returned to Chicago, from our rv travels, in the summer, and we had lots of fun with our cousins. We went to Great America, ate ice cream, played Minecraft and many other things. My favorite place we went with our cousins was the beach. We played in the water, listened to music and built sand castles. Another place we went was a trampoline park called Altitude. We jousted on a balance beam and I knocked my uncle and cousins into the foam pit.

  • 5. Disney on Ice

    Aurora Disney Ice Aurora Disney Ice

    My family headed west in the RV, I went with my aunt to Disney on Ice. When we arrived she bought me shaved ice in a cup that lights up! It was really cool! The show was about saving Tinkerbell from the Disney Villains. There were Coco, Frozen and Peter Pan characters. It was also nice to spend time with my godmother.

  • 4. Seeing Nahren

    Catching up with friends in Chicago at the Museum of Science and Industry. Catching up with friends in Chicago at the Museum of Science and Industry.

    In Chicago I met up with a friend at The Museum of Science and Industry. We played, had lunch and said goodbye. We write to each other a lot but it was nice to see her in person.

  • 3. Seeing the Jensens

    Catching up with more friends in Arizona. Catching up with more friends in Arizona. Hiking, swimming and Bahama Bucks, Oh MY!

    In Arizona we saw some friends and we had some fun times. One time we went for a paddleboat ride. Unfortunately the boat had a hole and was sinking. We tried to paddle back but crashed into a bush. Eventually we made it back. We were giggling the whole time.

  • 2. Disney World

    Hanging out with a diver at Epcot. Hanging out with a diver at Epcot.

    Of course you would think this is my favorite and it is in my top three after all. I have been to many of the parks and stayed at the Fort Wilderness Campground. Disney is really fun except for the crowds. When we went to Animal Kingdom, there was this one show called, It's Tough to be a Bug! My sister was so jumpy; she is so creeped out by bugs. My favorite ride is Avatar. You fly through Pandora on a banshee. It was really fun.

  • 1. Topsail Hill State Park, FL

    TopSail Hill Beach TopSail Hill Beach

    At this sandy wonderland, the sand is white and the water is blue. It was my favorite because it is so beautiful. You can walk on the beach or swim in the clear blue water of the Gulf of Mexico.