This was our second stay using our Zone Pass with Thousand Trails. It is all about location and this place has a great location. Unfortunately that is what causes its problem, no-one ever leaves. This is not a resort it is a trailer park, many of the RVs are park models or very old and have not been moved in decades. (We have stayed at 15+ Thousand Trail campgrounds on the date this is being written and trailer park is not the norm even though it is the stereotype.)

We got in around 4:30pm and they gave us a spot in a very tight location.  We were called at about 2pm and told no-one would be there when we arrived just grab the packet from the office and see us in the morning.  It was a mess trying to back in.  This place is a neighborhood and we were the outsiders who were only going to be there a short time. Finally we made it a pull through even though it wasn’t.

This place is just a couple of miles from Orchard Beach, ME and that is the appeal.  Many of the residents come here for the summer and stay all summer long.  They have been doing it for years, decades, generations of families. Orchard Beach was great. The campground was just an hour from many small coastal towns and tourist spots.  Stop at Reds for lobster, it is well worth it!!

There were very few amenities and the laundry and bath house was being remodeled, 2017 fall, so maybe it will be nice next year. Maybe if I knew what I was getting into before we showed up I would have been more prepared. I have no idea if I would stay here again, but I would not pay out-of-pocket for it.

Verizon was poor two bars and internet was slow.