The drive from Lake George, NY to Orchard Beach, ME was a long one.  So I thought, since we were so close to the ocean we would find a close beach and go for a walk.  It was a nice night, and well luck would have it, it became a great night.

Orchard Beach Sunset
The kids running around at the beach. As soon as we arrived they ran out to the beach, tore off their shoes and walked through the waves.


Sunset Nina

Jumping in the Atlantic Ocean
This was our first stop at the Atlantic ocean and the kids couldn’t wait to jump in.

Jump Right In
It is cold but I didn’t matter.


The sunset produced great colors and no we didn’t actually get to watch the sun go down but we did stick around just long enough to see an orange light pop out from the horizon.  Upon seeing the light, Gigi asked “What is that orange light?” and that is when I remembered we were in store for a full moon tonight. Not just a full moon but a full harvest moon rise.  Wow! Just wow!

Family Harvest Rise
Family selfie at Orchard Beach watching a full harvest moon rise.

Nina Harvest Rise

Full Moon Rising

Harvest Moon

Kids on the beach

Kids Harvest Moon
Kids watching the harvest moon rise.


Harvest Moon
As hard as I tried I couldn’t get the camera to focus. It would either choose the ocean or the moon and sometimes neither.

Orchard Beach Moon rise

Full Harvest Moon

Full Moon


It was a fun, “Welcome to Maine” night and very cool to see a Harvest moon rise.  It was quite stunning and a great start to about three weeks in Maine.