We headed over to the Niagara Power Company
We headed over to the Niagara Power Company


This was a great little place we found on a brochure.  The Niagara Power Company generates the largest amount of hydroelectric power in the country.  The damn has a visitor’s center that is an interactive museum.  It is very well done.  I wasn’t expecting much and was very surprised.  I was so busy playing with the exhibits I didn’t take many pictures.

Hydroelectric Dam


Giant Turbine


Generate your own electric by peddling
Generate your own electric by peddling.


This was a debate between Tesla and Edison about AC and DC electric. It was very well done. It explained all the points of each kind of electric.


Going to be electrified
This is the before picture…


Full of electricity


Giant Hair
Quite shocking!


This museum was all about power.  They had a 4d movie describing how electric was generated by the hydroelectric power plant and where it was stored. Then how it moved through power lines to our homes.  The kids loved it so much we watched it 6 or 7 times.  Most of the exhibits were interactive and some were competitive.  We all had a blast and learned something about the damn and electric.  Oh and it is FREE, yep!  This a great museum and it is totally free.  We would definitely go again if we have the chance.