Towards the end of summer, when crowds have died down and kids have gone back to school, I have always had the urge to travel. I would look up places to go and, invariably, I would be drawn to color drives; drives to look at the trees changing colors. Fall is my season and I knew that this would be something I would love. Boy, was I right! To top it off, I was going to experience these colors in the best area, at the best time, not for a few days but for its entirety.

Anyway, the thing that sticks in my head the most is Vermont. The trees had so many vibrant colors. We would drive up a hill and when we reached the top the road would explode with colors. And that would happen over and over. We passed through the town of Woodstock, with its quaint shops and restaurants. It was what you would expect to see when you picture a small, New England town. So quaint that we couldn’t find a place big enough to pull into with our trailer so we had to keep moving.

We were able to stop at the Quechee Gorge, however. Another place we hadn’t heard of but thoroughly enjoyed. You could hike to the top of the dam or the bottom of the gorge. You could do both very easily, it was maybe 2 miles from one end to the other. We, however, wanted to get to the next campground before dark so we opted to go to the bottom of the gorge. Here, there were many big rocks you had to hop over to get to the water. Water so clear and clean I had to lean over and touch it. We left Vermont with the feeling that we really need to go back. And the wonderful thing is, I know we will.

Queche Banner
A family pic of the QueChee Gorge bridge.
Quechee View Bridge
This is a view of the gorge from the bridge.