Garrett The Dreamer


I grew up about an hour outside of Chicago small town, an American, 2nd generation Irish. When I was a kid I never had a consistent dream of what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now I have been on the road for over 7 years and I feel more at home on the road than I felt in my previous life. Meeting people all over the country and living other people lives has been quite enjoyable. We have a great country.


I was born and raised on the north side of Chicago. I love Chicago and never thought I’d ever want to leave. For a first generation Filipino, living in an RV was NOT the “American Dream.” I did what most would consider the American Dream, worked hard, bought the house but the whole thing just didn’t seem like me. Everyone else seemed happy doing it, why didn’t I? If it wasn’t for my husband I think I would still be trying to do something that just wasn’t my thing. It took him years to convince me that I would enjoy traveling around in an RV. I questioned him every step of the way. Now, I thank him. This life fits my personality more than I care to admit. I’m happy and I count my blessings every day.

Gigi The Adventurer

Nina The Composer


Through my travels of the United States of America, extended across eight years, I’ve found, in regard to the spirit of America, my belief to be self-evident, irrefutable by my experiences in the forty-eight states which I have visited and, in many cases, in which I’ve spent much time observing and exploring. With regard to its essence and culture,  my belief is that the United States, is not and never was a singular idea, possible to reduce to a general abstraction, such as many who refer to this country and to her citizens are wont to express in their opinions and references of this great country. Instead of a nation, similar in mannerisms, identical in culture, predominantly aligned in opinions of church and state,  America stands as a collection and cooperation between unique States, each defined in its ways as any sovereign country may be, united under one federal government, and unified only by a flag, a national anthem, and income tax. By experiencing the dissimilar lifestyles in the different parts of the country, and likewise regarding the scenery of the west and the east, conveying a beauty incomparable and almost divine, I realized how individuality, the legacy which will follow this country long after it fades from existence, thrives in the United States.


A couple of years ago we started traveling in an RV around the United States. Leaving home was bitter-sweet. I miss climbing Huggee, our climbing tree, seeing family, swimming and boating at Grandma’s, and family parties. Yet, on the road, I love mountain hikes like Beehive, in Maine my favorite state, meeting friends in Arizona and enjoying ice cream at Bahama Bucks or going to amusement parks like Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Disney World or City Museum.




Bark, bark baBark. Food? Did you say food? Bark. I am quite a lucky dog. These people rescued me from the desert where I was found eating rocks and trust me the food I eat now is much better.

The American spirit has always understood liberty as including the right of the citizen to be free in the enjoyment of all his faculties, to live and work where he will, and in so doing to move freely from State to State.

– Henry Van Dyke, The Spirit of America

Bo, Our Second Home


Ford F250 Diesel

We started our trip many years ago towing with a Ford Expedition and eventually upgraded to a diesel. We planned to get a 5th wheel but then Covid hit and things got squirrelly. Now our kids are about to go off to college and we are not sure what the upgrade looks like. So this works for us for now.


Our Home On The Road.

Coachmen Apex


Towed over 41,000 miles


Hensley Hitch

Miles Home on the Road