This year’s travels were chosen by our children.  Starting from Chicago we drew a circle that enclosed all cities with in an eight hour drive.  They were free to choose any location within that eight hour drive.  After the first location was chosen, Mammoth Cave Kentucky, we were able (with some light coercion) to make sure that the other location was in the same direction, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our plan was to stay out for 9 days, camping for 5 days in KY and 4 days in IN in a hotel.  It was a rough start.  We chose Jellystone Park in Cave City, KY.  It was close to many of the attractions we wanted to see.

It also looked like it was going to have many things for the kids to do, crafts, movie nights, water slides and pools.  We got a late start on the road, a six and a half hour drive and a lot of stops on the way caused us to get there later than we wanted.  We checked in and went down to check out our camp site.  Most of the sites at this Jellystone are set up for RVs.  When we got to our spot and set up the tent we agreed that the spot was too small.  Jellystone was able to issue us a replacement so we carried by hand our tent about an 1/8 of a mile.  Then packed up the car again and set up in our new spot.

Jellystone Camp Site
Finally Set Up


This picture was taken after the rain.  We didn’t get the tarp on the tent until day two after this happened..

Bad weather on the way!!


So it rained for hours!  But after some laundry and hot sun we dried out and started having a great trip. Our first cave was Onyx Cave. A small cave only minutes from camp site. It was a good start for us.






So the next day after a great breakfast of bacon and eggs, I got some work done and we headed out for our first ride on a horse.








The hills were steep up and down. Both kids did a great job controlling their horses which kept stopping for a bite from a tree or bush we happened to be passing. We had one exciting moment when Aurora’s horse started to trot down one of the hills and she held on for dear life; she handled it very well without falling off.