Lake George is located in upstate NY near the boarder of Vermont. It is part of the Adirondacks. We were able to secure a beautiful spot at a Thousand Trails called Lake George Escape(LGE). This campground was closing up for the season so most of the features were closed but it was a beautiful campground and it gave us great access to Lake George and the surrounding area.

Lake George Campground
Lake George Escape Campground was quiet. They were shutting the campground down for winter.  But in the summer I bet this place is rocking! It had so may amenities and very kid friendly.

Lake George Campground View
Great views all around. We had beautiful weather in fall for hiking and even got a swim in the heated pool.


The grounds at LGE were largely covered with pine trees. The weather was quite warm, in the 70’s and they still had the pool open so the kids went for a swim. Multiple lakes and surrounded by mountains made the LGE’s grounds great for biking and wildlife watching.

Lake George is a beautiful town, rich with history. We enjoyed walking around the lake and visiting Fort William Henry. At the visitor’s center we heard about hiking Prospect Mountain. So we had some lunch and headed over.

Lake George, NY
Lake George was beautiful

Prospect Mountain Climb Summit
This is the town of Lake George. We wandered around the lake front and into a fort used during the war of 1812.


Prospect Mountain hike is a 3 mile round trip hike. The summit is 2083 ft up with views of 100 miles around, on a clear day. This was our first hike of the trip. Little did I know how hard this hike was going to be but looking back we really enjoyed it.

Prospect Mountain Climb Stairs
We parked and walked up about 100 stairs to get to the base of the mountain. At this point we were unhappy we had eaten so much pizza at lunch.


Prospect Mountain Climb Bridge
We also had to cross a highway. It looks like Aurora is crying but she is laughing at Nina who doesn’t want to cross this bridge.  The bridge bounced when walked on and was rather high over the highway.

Prospect Mountain Climb beginning
This was the beginning of the trail. The trail was marked with red markers every so often to keep you on the path.

Prospect Mountain Climb
The first 1/3 of a mile looked like the bottom of a river that had dried up. I wonder, in the spring, if this fills with water. It would be some sight to see!

Prospect Mountain Climb
On the first 1/2 of the climb there was a rut cut in the ground and it made for an easy to walk.

Prospect Mountain Climb break
Aurora takes a break early in the hike. The kids stopped a lot during the first 1/2 of the hike but they got stronger.



Prospect Mountain Climb Stretch
Mutiny! They demanded a long break after the first half of the hike, to stretch. Good thing, it helped them find swift feet. The second 1/2 of the climb was better than the first.

Prospect Mountain Climb
Immediately, upon crossing the road, it ascended straight up. We were in for a much harder second half.

Prospect Mountain Climb

Prospect Mountain Climb
They still talk about this hike, even after Acadia, as being the toughest hike they have done.

Prospect Mountain Climb
We start to get tired. This is well into the second half of the hike and it is rather steep at this point. The good think was that there were large flat rocks to walk on.

Prospect Mountain Climb
It just keeps getting steeper and steeper.

Prospect Mountain Climb
Wow, we are almost at the top. This is were they passed me and started to help me up the mountain. It was a great climb.


Prospect Mountain Climb
Light at the end of the tunnel!

Prospect Mountain Climb Summit
Does it look like 2000ft? That is Lake George pictured earlier in this post.

Prospect Mountain Climb Summit
You could see for a long way.

Prospect Mountain Climb Success
We made it, and it was well worth it. Stunning views all around; And happy faces!


So down the mountain was much quicker.  As we were climbing up we talked about how steep the incline was and wondered if they could slide down the mountain.  Many of the rocks were large and smooth so they tried.  In the end it was unsuccessful.  They ripped their pants but they had fun trying.


Overall a very good time, I think we might just get into this hiking thing!