Kennisee Lake was one of our second Thousand Trails Campground we stayed at. We were not members at this point but these campgrounds had lower prices than most. We did use our Passport America membership, on Sunday, to save a little money.

We spent a weekend during the offseason in September. They had many RVs but very few people were in them. They placed us in the very back, a field that had been mowed and had full hookups. No trees and rather dusty when people drove by. We played a round of mini golf and biked the grounds. They have a lot of space and the grounds are well kept.

I doubt we would choose to stay here again unless we had to and if we did I would make sure we were not in the field. It took us 5 mins just to drive out of the place we were so far back. Site was small and not very impressive. Other RVs were not well kept. If you do need a place to stay, this will work.