Jordan Pond is one of the most beautiful sites in Acadia.  Although this looks like it might be much the same as all the other hikes, it had its own special charm.  Also giving the kids a break from the strain of the more difficult hikes while learning a little more about the area, priceless.

Jordan Pond like most of the ponds on Desert Island is protected. It is one of their sources for drinking water.  No swimming or domestic pets are allowed to swim. Kayaking and non-motorized boats are allowed.  This results in an incredible clean lake.

It had been an interesting year for rainfall also.  Although they have had an average amount of rain it has been feast or famine. When it did rain they had too much rain and then it would not rain for months.  We saw what it looked like after not having rain for a month.  The pond was quite low and much of the shore was exposed.  Desert Island was by all mean not at a drought stage but a lack of rainfall was very evident.  Still a beautiful hike.

Jordan Family Bubbles
The family at Jordan Pond. In the background are the Bubbles. A great hike over two smaller mountains. Unfortunately we didn’t get to them.


Jordan Pond Bubbles
Jordan Pond Bubbles


Jordan Pond Rocky Shore
As you can see a large amount of the shore was exposed. It was fun to climb on the rocks. They would normally be under water.


Nina caring Aurora
This is another area where at some point was filled with water. Not sure what it leads to or what it was used for. The girls walked down and took a silly picture.


Jordan Pond Colors
Beautiful colors of fall surrounded the pond and were reflected in the water.

Acadia is filled with these quiet little places to explore.  We were able to fit this hike in after enjoying a late lunch on the far side of the island.  A great cool fall evening enjoying a sunset and the fresh air.  This hike was different than our others because it wasn’t about walking 3 miles it was about exploring in a small area.  We probably only hiked about 1/2 a mile total but we spent well over an hour just wandering and looking at the area.  I am guessing if we had arrived earlier we would have stayed longer but the sun when down and it got cold. Another great ending to the day.