It was our first stay at this Jellystone Park in Fremont IN. We love the Jellystone community and have stayed at many of the parks around the country. This park is suppose to be the best of the parks. This park is heralded as the best of the Jellystone parks, I would disagree.

Yogi left me hanging.


The property is located on I-90/80 which is one of the busiest highways in the country. I can verify this as our campsite was about 300ft from the highway(about a football field). My “favorite” part, is that the highway is marked with a big sign with Yogi’s face giving truckers a reminder to honk their horns as they go by the campsite, as if their trucks were not loud enough already. When booking these sites we should have been warned but we were not.

The property is gigantic. They pack the RV’s in so there are a lot of people. This at first was a little overwhelming. By our second day we were more comfortable as people were very well behaved. The size of the grounds creates an issue getting around though. It was a 5-10 min bike ride to get from our campsite to the pool or camp store. More bothersome was the 5 min walk from out tent into the RV area where the closest bathhouse was located.

Lastly the tent camping area is located next to a small pond full of bull frogs, which are fun for kids to catch. So much fun, kids and parents were walking through our site at all ours of the day.



So after booking four days of camping we only stayed two. After buying ear plugs after the first night and still not being able to sleep we headed home. The kids were up most of the night between trucks, bull frogs and people constantly walking by the tent. We payed a full summer price for the spot and received no refund. It is sad this is the Jellystone heralded as the best in the group because we have stayed at much better Jellystone campgrounds.