Our trip started on 9/11/2017, with the first stop in St. Joe, MI to visit some friends starting their own journey into the unknown, moving from Chicago to St. Joseph, MI. It was a great way to kick off our trip because we were still close to home, in case we forgot anything. It was our first long trip living full time in Miles and, if anything significant wasn’t working, we were only an hour from Campland where we purchased Miles.

Sailing A Fish


St. Joseph, MI was beautiful. The girls were able to go the beach, the dunes, and spend time with our old housemates. Silver Beach was beautiful. The kids swam and played in Lake Michigan, on the Michigan side. Also, the area around the beach was full of fun things to do.  It had a huge fountain to play in, a playground on the beach, a carousel and pizza.

Sand Leaps
Jumping from the sand dunes.

Face Fountain
A face fountain


St Joes Beach with Uncle
Uncle Izzy met us out at the beach and they climbed a lifeguard tower.

Learning to walk
Walking along


Playground in the sand
Having Fun in the sand.


We enjoy sharing living space with people. It teaches you a lot about consideration for others and there is a closeness that cannot be understood by any other situation. We thoroughly enjoyed living with the Mendoza family.  It provided many enjoyable nights on the deck, laughs in the kitchen and their new daughter enriched our family. So before we headed out of the area we wanted to see their new home. We enjoyed more laughs in the kitchen, fire pits in the backyard and driving around town meeting the locals and picking up wood.

St Joes Family
We had dinner at our campsite.


We had a successful experience as roommates. The girls were exposed to how other adults think and live and have more than just their parents as examples. It was great to see their new home.  Thanks, Roomies, for enriching our lives and sharing the beauty of St. Joes with us. We can’t wait to stop in again.

sunset beach