(This post was written by our daughter, Aurora)

So when I was in Acadia I climbed a mountain. It was very high. My daddy and I went up like goats, hopping from rock to rock, seeing all kinds of wildlife. We saw the top of the mountain and climbed there. On the trail there were arrowheads pointing in different ways. There were bridges, steep climbs and steep falls. We also got lost. We saw red flowers and went through the Christmas tree forest. We also saw a woodpecker. We liked it so much that we lost track of time so we had to climb back in the dark.

Follow the Acadia arrow heads
Follow the Acadia arrow heads, Follow the Acadia arrow heads, Follow, Follow, Follow…
Where are we??
Where are we?? We are lost.
Be careful not to fall off
Be careful not to fall off.
Christmas Tree Forest
Hello Christmas Tree Forest.
Hello Mr. Wood Pecker.
Hello Mr. Woodpecker.