Looking back at the year

After 7 months it was time to head back to Chicago. I had to be there to welcome my new nephew. (And check in with work.) I enjoyed our travels on the east coast so much I didn’t want to come home.

Welcome to the family!
Welcome to the family!
New Friends
A new friendship we made on the road.

I basically stopped writing starting in the new year and we will be starting a new adventure so here are some things I always want to remember.
Meeting up with the Jensens in North Carolina, Daytona and Crystal River. It was great to have some friends on the road.

Girls swimming with the Manatees at Hunter Springs Park in Crystal River…fully clothed.

Swimming with Manatees
Swimming with the manatees.
More Swimming with manatees
Look but don’t touch…

My 162 no-see-um bites.

Watching the “lost payload” SpaceX launch.

Space X Night Launch
The famous spy satellite night launch and the mysterious lost payload.

Shark Valley in the Everglades, all the alligators we saw and the ranger’s crazy stories.

Picture with the alligator
Alligators are friendly creatures, really!

Florida has the most beautiful birds. Ibises are to Florida as pigeons are to Chicago. They were everywhere.


Mr. Sean as our own personal Disney World guide.

Personal tour of Walt Disney World

Universal and Harry Potter World…of course, and the Hulk roller coaster shutting down.
Touring all the Disneyworld resorts and enjoying all they have to offer. Nina turns 12 at Art of Animation.

Pictures with the characters.
Hanging out with the characters.
Nighttime fireworks at Magic Kingdom.
Nighttime fireworks at Magic Kingdom.

Happily Ever After Fireworks countless times and always great.

Tinkerbell takes flight!
Tinkerbell takes flight!

Tarpon Springs and the sponge docks.

Sherwood Forest is better than Tropical Palms.

Black Mountain Ciderworks and Meadery just outside of Asheville, NC in Black Mountain.
Go there, taste the what cider is suppose to taste like!!

Loved the cider at Blackmountain Ciderworks, Blackmountain, NC
Loved the cider at Black Mountain Ciderworks, Black Mountain, NC

On July 30th my family started on the road…without me. I miss them incredibly and knowing that they are having fun without me is bittersweet. I’m so happy that they have this opportunity yet, sad that I am not experiencing it with them. I can’t wait to join back up with them and make more wonderful memories.,

Miss you guys!

Check out one of their first stops at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, NE