We finally made it! Our first Maine stop was Old Orchard Beach. We utilized our Thousand Trails pass at Pinehirst RV Resort. The easiest way to describe this location is that it is basically a trailer park. Our immediate neighbor, we were to find out as she was getting her trailer switched out at 7 am, had been their 30 years. As a matter of fact, most of the people around us were long-term residents. Our actual site was the most stressful spot to get into because there was barely space to pull the RV in.  And in the process, all the nearby residents were watching us to make sure we didn’t encroach on their area. While it had its setbacks I really did love the neighbor that had been there for 30 years. She was sweet and kind, as was her daughter. Her daughter helped make some space for us to pull the RV in and out and her mother said if anyone gave us any trouble they would have to deal with her. By the end of our stay, everyone seemed a bit more friendly.

We had been traveling for sometime so I don’t know if it was because of that or the pace in Maine but I felt a little more relaxed. The weather was fairly mild and everything was slowly starting to close for the season. Coastal drives were interesting because it seemed like the roads to the lighthouses would wind almost indefinitely. I was given the distinct feeling that Maine wasn’t to be enjoyed in a rushed manner. I’m from the city and we had been on the road bouncing around for more than three weeks rushing is almost innate. I hate to say it but I was frustrated by the “scenic drive”. I wanted to get where I was going as soon as possible. I felt like this whole day was shot.

Bridge Suspension
This was one of the few bridges of its kind. It is a floating bridge fully suspended by cables. And it bounces when you walk on it.


Fog Boothbay
About 3pm a thick fog rolled in off the Atlantic.


Kids Funny Faces
The kids love these funny photos. That poor lobster!


Kids found a moose
Finally we found a moose in Maine.


That is until we stopped at Red’s Eats. The Trader Joe’s cashier told us that this was the best place for a lobster roll. Garrett was testing every lobster roll he could since we left NY and had a pretty good one in Vermont but it was nothing like Red’s. Big chunks of lobster, cooked to perfection. We originally saw Red’s on our way to Boothbay Harbor but the line was so long that we decided to pass it up. It was much shorter when we drove by on our way home but the wait was still about an hour. Some may think it is a touristy place but it was still delicious and a good way to end the day.

This is where you want to eat. It is worth the hour wait in line!