West Coast Slide

Family reunion and redwoods send us west for the for the season.

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East Coast Wrap Up

On July 30th my family started on the road…without me. I miss them incredibly and knowing that they are having fun…

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Where to Next?

Summer is the best time to spend in Chicago: Festivals, Beach Volleyball, family, friends and food. Being back afforded…

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Traveling through History

Without a plan of where we were going to go we had inadvertently traveled down the timeline for the “New World.”

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America’s Historic Triangle

The Historic Triangle was my next required stopping place on our journey...

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Working on the road

Why hadn’t we done this sooner...

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Just keep moving…

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Trick or Treat!

Massachusetts was close and there are two places we love to go...

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Acadia National Park

The drive north to Acadia National Park in early October was one of the most magnificent. We spent two weeks in Maine…

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Coastal Maine

Lobster Rolls at Red's Eats, Driving the Coast, Shopping at the harbors, Enjoying Maine's Coast

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Fall into Autumn

Towards the end of summer, when crowds have died down and kids have gone back to school, I have always had the urge to…

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A Thousand Trails to Maine

We could hear water so decided to walk into the woods a little. We ended up finding a little lake and little…

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“Slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch.”

“Where to next?” has become one of my favorite questions and it all started in Dayton, Ohio. We originally planned on…

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Daisy Barn Campground, NY

We stayed here so we could visit Niagara Falls, it is about 20 - 30 mins away. This was a clean well run campground.…

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Water, Water, everywhere

Travel Trailer (TT) living is new to us so there is a bit of a learning curve: Is that sound normal? Is the air…

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