Yosemite national park is a beautiful highlight of California. It houses plunging, granite cliffs, tall, rising waterfalls, and unique wilderness. Trekking through this landscape, I reconnected with the splendor, and vitality of nature. Carlin Falls secluded me from the world with its waterfall and forest, Bridal Veil  Falls energized me with activity. The Sentinel Dome and the Taft Point Fissure’s height frightened me with its abrupt, plummeting edge.  


I found peace and serenity at Carlin Falls. The trail was concealed. The forest was delightful. The destination was picturesque. Starting at the trailhead, I tracked through the forest to a riverbank. From the riverbank, I hopped around on the river rocks. While I rested on a log near the flowing river, I watched Carlin Falls and listened to the snapping of photographs my father was taking. The soft noises fed my curiosity with thoughts of why nature is, what it does, and the processes it takes to exist. Eventually, I moved toward the trail and continued to the waterfall’s top. At the top, I could watch the water cascade down to the flowing river which calmed my thoughts from my previous curiosity. My experience at the waterfall relaxed me as I hiked back. Because of its seclusion in the depths of the forest, Carlin Falls lightened my mood and made me feel at peace.



  I preferred climbing around Bridal Veil Falls more than any other hike. The hike began as an easy, paved pathway leading to an overlook that was half a mile from the waterfall. To reach the waterfall’s base, I jumped the fence and scrambled onto the rocky river’s floor. I explored the terrain with a little difficulty but, as I climbed toward the base, I noticed an outcropping. Hiking the outcropping, I rose above the trees of the Yosemite Valley. The small climb up the outcropping gave way to an enchanting view of the Yosemite mountains, which lay beyond the waterfall in a fairy-like glow. 

I feared the depths of Sentinel Dome and the Taft Point Fissures. Beginning on a moderately easy trail, I followed the path up to Sentinel Dome. I spotted Half-Dome, a well-known attraction in Yosemite, and stared at most of the mountains surrounding it. Eventually, the trail wound down to the fissures. Approaching the edge, I realized I was reluctant to go any farther. However, I overcame my [trepidation] and peered over the edge. The sensation struck me with a sickening fear that refused to be shaken.The bottom of the ravine seemed to be a thousand feet below. Despite the fear and vertigo, Taft Point fissures are beautiful. I could look out and see the expansive wilderness of Yosemite and feel the wind blowing cold air into my face. Since I hadn’t hiked in the mountains recently, I missed the sensations and views the mountain hikes brought. 


Hiking the trails was my favorite thing to do in Yosemite. I enjoyed the calmness of Carlin Falls, challenging climb of Bridal Veil Falls and the daring depths of Sentinel Dome. Not only is Yosemite a highlight of California, but also a must-see of the United States of America.