Sometimes I am so focused on a task that is in front of me I am not prepared to enjoy the experience. In November, I was still learning to pull a trailer and had had a couple of long drives in Ohio and New York. I just wanted to get to my next destination. I was ready for the drive but I wish I knew what we were going to see. Vermont was an awesome blur!

Ah Vermont, you unbelievable beauty! We had planned, when we got to upstate New York, to take a couple of drives and look at the changing of colors. We did our research and nothing had mentioned Vermont. Our drive through Vermont was the best of the season. As we started our drive the colors were brighter and better than what we had seen in the Adirondacks and it just kept getting better. The architecture was beautiful and the look and feel of small towns people cared about was easily recognizable. We wanted to stop but could find no place to park the trailer so we continued through the countryside.

Welcome To Vermont
Hello to you too, Vermont!

Vermont Flag
A quick stop at the Visitor’s Center in Vermont.


Beautiful winding roads, continual comments of “Wow!” and “Look at that!” Unfortunately, what we didn’t know, it doesn’t get any better than Vermont. We though it must be everywhere. And there were many other beautiful places and colors but we didn’t have a better drive than through Vermont. I wish we had more pictures but I was driving and Gigi was working and again as I had explained we were not expecting such beauty.

As we exited Vermont we stopped at Quechee Gorge. This is “Vermont’s Little Grand Canyon”. A bridge sits 168ft. above the Ottaquechee River giving visitors stunning views and they have a visitors center and a place to park the trailer. So we stopped.

Family On Bridge at Quechee Gorge
Looking over the edge 168ft in the air.

Quechee View Bridge
This is a view of the gorge from the bridge.

Climbing Quechee Gorge Trail
This was a sort hike down to the river and we needed the walk after a couple hour drive.

Quechee Gorge River Walk
We climbed down the trail to the river and walked around the rocks.

Queche Banner
Quiche Banner


These unscheduled stops are the most fun. Planning a trip takes a good amount of time and trying to find little sites or places of interest is not always successful on Google. Luckily we come across many just by chance. This ended up being a couple hour hike and lunch stop. A great stop to break up a long drive.