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RV American Dream Garrett


I grew up about an hour outside of Chicago in the small town of Island Lake, an American, 2nd generation Irish. When I was a kid I never had a consistent dream of what I wanted to be when I grew up. My friends went to college after high school and I was like "Ehh, I guess I should go?" but it never felt right. Even at 40 yrs. old I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I have held many different jobs and have learned many different skills. What do I know? I am good at solving problems and I like traveling.

RV American Dream Gigi


I was born and raised on the north side of Chicago. I love Chicago and never thought I'd ever want to leave. For a first generation Filipino, living in an RV was NOT the "American Dream." I did what most would consider the American Dream, worked hard, bought the house but the whole thing just didn't seem like me. Everyone else seemed happy doing it, why didn't I? If it wasn't for my husband I think I would still be trying to do something that just wasn't my thing. It took him years to convince me that I would enjoy traveling around in an RV. I questioned him every step of the way. Now, I thank him. This life fits my personality more than I care to admit. I'm happy and I count my blessings every day.

Nina holding snakes in St Augustine Florida


I really enjoy traveling. I like meeting new people and going to new places. To be able to travel, for months on end, is an amazing opportunity. I get to learn so much and experience many different things. My favorite places I’ve been to on the road so far are Disney World, Acadia National Park and Boca Grande Beach in Florida. Acadia National Park has excellent hiking and since hiking is one of my favorite activities this place was fun. Boca Grande is a beach on the Gulf of Mexico, and it is beautiful! It is perfect for long walks or some swimming. And, who doesn’t love Disney World?! My favorite park is Magic Kingdom because I really like the fireworks there.

I also have fun when I’m at home in Chicago, IL. I can play in our backyard or go and play with my cousins at the playgrounds. I get to spend time with my family again, which is really nice. I also love walking downtown and admiring the architecture.

I think I have a pretty great life. I get to do what I like when I’m traveling, and when I’m at home. I think I am incredibly lucky to have the chance to do this, and I hope to continue exploring in the future.

Aurora in Antelope Canyon


My name is Aurora, I am the youngest child. I lived in Chicago most of my life. A couple of years ago we started traveling in an RV around the United States. Leaving home was bitter-sweet. I miss climbing Huggee, our climbing tree, seeing family, swimming and boating at Grandma's, and family parties. Yet, on the road, I love mountain hikes like Beehive, in Maine my favorite state, meeting friends in Arizona and enjoying ice cream at Bahama Bucks or going to amusement parks like Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Disney World or City Museum. Being at home and on the road are different, yet both enjoyable.

Bow & Miles

This is our 2018 Coachman Apex 300bhs. We spend more time in Miles than we spend in our sticks and bricks and it feels like home. We have towed it from NW Washington to SE Florida, up mountains, over rivers, from ocean to ocean.

We tow Miles with our 2014 Ford Expedition. We have a Hensley Hitch and have pulled over 20,000 miles and counting!

Rv American Dream

We have done a lot of research about what the American Dream is and isn't. Some say it is dead and maybe that is part of why we write this blog. We believe the American Dream is not a single idea but a belief. A belief that we are able to pursue our dreams, not the dreams of our parents, not the dreams of our government, but our dreams. We have such abundance in this beautiful country, but what do Americans do with it? Well some good and some bad. The first thing I had to do to find my dream was to try and stop caring what everyone else was doing and ask, "What is important to myself and my family?" As I stated before travel was always a main focus of our recreation. We love visiting other towns, cities, states and countries and we call it, living other peoples lives. We enjoy seeing what other people do with their time and freedom. My wife and I always planned to travel when we retired. Over the last couple of years we both lost our fathers. Gigi's dad a father of four, a doctor from the Philippines, who found his way to American and found a better life for him and his family. My dad a father of four, built a house we still own on Island Lake and owned his own business for many years. Losing both our fathers pushed us to realize we need to start our American Dream now, why wait for retirement.

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